What Does Art Add? Exhibition at cWOW

What Does Art Add? Exhibition at cWOW
Roadside Memorial by L.A. Watson 
Four of my paintings:  Brachyura Zoea 2 (Shy), Brachyura Zoea 3 (Naughty), Krill, and Tomopterid Worm will be included in the exhibition, What Does Art Add?  Curated by Kathryn Eddy and Janell O'Rourke, the show will run from April 10 - May 29, 2015 at City Without Walls (cWOW) in Newark, NJ.  The following is the press release:  
For Immediate Release:
What Does Art Add? Figuring the More-than-Human World 
Curated by Kathryn Eddy and Janell O’Rourke 
April 10 – May 29, 2015 
Opening reception: Friday, April 10, 6 – 8 pm 
City Without Walls (cWOW) located at 6 Crawford St. Newark, NJ is pleased to announce a new group exhibition entitled What Does Art Add? Figuring the More-than Human World, curated by Kathryn Eddy and Janell O’Rourke. The show will run from April 10 – May 29, 2015, with an opening reception Friday, April 10 from 6 - 9 pm. 
Featured artists include: Steve Baker, Kathleen Benton, Kathryn Eddy, Vincent Evans, Leah Grimaldi, Kathy High, Nils Karsten, Maureen O’Leary, Janell O’Rourke, Deborah Simon, L.A. Watson and Josh Worman. 
In this show these artists focus on animal life in ways that move beyond romanticized, sentimental or objectified images that have permeated centuries of human-centered attitudes toward other animals. The title is inspired by a question posed by the eminent theoretical writer, historian and artist Steve Baker in his 2013 book Artist|Animal.
“What does art add?” What does art offer that the language and outlook of literature, or anthropology, or philosophy might not bring so intensely to our attention? Each of these artists brings to the exhibition an interest in exploring the complicated relationships that we have with other animals. How does our human-ness interfere with making art that shifts from an anthropocentric outlook to something else? What can we learn from that struggle in order to go beyond the human edge? How does that possibility create a space for working in-between; and is it even possible? What becomes apparent through these artists’ processes is an engagement with materials, intuition, queries and ideas that points towards multiple forms of agency, identity, nature and culture beyond the human.
About Steve Baker: Steve Baker is Emeritus Professor of Art History at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Now working as an independent writer, researcher and artist, his recent book Artist|Animal (in the "Posthumanities" series from the University of Minnesota Press) has been praised by the prominent American artist Mark Dion for its author’s “rigorous ethnographer’s eye” and “deep understanding of the nuance, intricacy, and contradictions in how artists work today.” Examples of Baker’s roadkill imagery have been exhibited in the USA, UK and Australia, and several were recently included in major animal-themed museum exhibitions in Poland and Germany. They have been discussed in Giovanni Aloi's Art & Animals, and in the journals Art & Research, Antennae, and Tierstudien. 
About the curators: Kathryn Eddy and Janell O’Rourke are founding members, along with L.A. Watson, of the art coalition ArtAnimalAffect which is dedicated to bridging art, activism, and critical animal studies. They recognize how all earthly beings are interconnected and how our diversity is part of our shared experience in understanding tolerance. Through artwork, they aim to raise awareness of animal issues, as well as provide exhibition opportunities for contemporary artists working with human and nonhuman animal relationships. Eddy and O’Rourke have exhibited their work on the east and west coasts. Most recently the collective is working with the ecofeminist writer and theorist, Carol J. Adams to publish the book The Art of the Animal. This will feature the artwork and writing of fourteen women artists who have been inspired by Carol’s theories and will accompany an exhibition opening at The National Museum of Animals and Society in Los Angeles in Fall 2015.
About City Without Walls: City Without Walls (cWOW) is an urban gallery of emerging art that advocates the careers of artist while building the audience for contemporary art. City Without Walls is New Jersey’s oldest not-for-profit alternative art space, in continuous operation in the city of Newark since 1975. They operate a professional fine art gallery that showcases the work of contemporary artists on site, off-site, online and through traveling exhibitions. City Without wall is located at 6 Crawford St. Newark, NJ 07102. 973-622-1188. Cwow.org 
Brachyura Zoea 2 (Shy)
Brachyura Zoea 3 (Nughty)
Tomopterid Worm

Purdue University Galleries Permanent Collection Purchase

Purdue University Galleries Permanent Collection Purchase
I was thrilled to receive the following letter from Purdue University Galleries' Director, Craig Martin, informing me of the purchase of Fish Larvae 3 for their Permanent Collection:
"During the recent Lilliputians March exhibit here at Purdue Galleries, we gave visitors the opportunity to vote for works in the show that they would like to see purchased for the Galleries permanent collection.  I’m happy to say that your painting “Fish Larvae” was selected by a large number of our visitors, and we would very much like to purchase the work from the exhibit...

I'm very much looking forward to adding your piece to the Purdue Galleries collection!...
Craig Martin, Director
Purdue University Galleries
Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts"

Thank you so much to all the gallery visitors who voted for my work!

National Small Works Competition at Purdue

National Small Works Competition at Purdue
Lilliputians March is the title of the National Small Works Competition which is held biennially at Purdue University. This year's exhibition runs from March 10-April 26, at the Robert L. Ringel Gallery, Stewart Center, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. 
 Fish Larvae was selected by the juror for inclusion in the show. The painting was also featured on the reception invitation (above). The reception will be held on Thursday, March 13th from 5:30 - 7 pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to cast their votes for which works in the exhibit they feel should be purchased for the permanent collection. 
Juror Mark Ruschman serves as Chief Curator of Fine Arts for the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. He previously owned and directed the Ruschman Gallery in Indianapolis. He was also the director of TURF, the IDADA Art Pavilion, which featured site-specific installations by artists from around the state, as part of the cultural festivities in conjunction with Super Bowl XLVI.



"Emrupt" (Emerge+Erupt) International Contemporary Art Exhibition, a show focusing on emerging artists, is to be displayed at Leigh Wen Fine Art, a gallery in the Chelsea district of New York.  My zooplankton painting Krill will be included.   The exhibition will run from January 9-30, 2013.  An opening reception is planned for Thursday, January 9th from 6-8 pm.

Installation view at Leigh Wen Fine Art

Peer-Reviewed Submissions

"Peer-Reviewed Submissions" is an art show of mathematical or scientific themes curated by Elisabeth Nicula and Ted Ollier at Nave Gallery's Annex in Somerville, MD. Two Zooplankton paintings have been included in the exhibit which will run from November 2 – November 23,2013. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 6-8 pm. Nave Gallery Annex is located at, 53 Chester Street (Davis Square), Somerville, MA.  
The artists whose works are in the show are: Diana Abells, Kathleen Benton, Jonathan Cartledge, Chris Cavallero, Viktor Genel, Melissa Glick, K. Gretchen Greene, Markus Haala, Amelia Hankin Cashin, Sarah Kariko, Elinor Karlsson, Sarah May, Jackie Miller, Marjorie Moore, Elisabeth Nicula, Michel Ohly, Ted Ollier, Anne Russell, Kate Sheridan,Beverly Sky, Steven Stark, Jeremy Starn, Mark Stock, Andrea Warner, Matthew Wilt

Four Zooplankton in "small work - BIG TALENT"

Four Zooplankton in "small work - BIG TALENT"
Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA presents a very large group show entitled "small works - BIG TALENT" from September 7 - 28,2013.  Multiple works from eighty-nine artists were selected for the show.  Four of my Zooplankton paintings are included: Octopus, Octopus Larva, Pteropod & Octopus, and Fish Larvae 3.  My paintings were given their own wall, painted a dark gray (see photo above).  I only wish I had been able to attend the opening and see the show in person!


Octopus Larva

Pteropod & Octopus

Fish Larvae 3

Annmarie Sculpture Garden Small Works Exhibition

Small Works Exhibition & Sale at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Art Center, Solomons, MD, will be on view from August 16, 2013 through January 5, 2014.  During this time the Center has planned a number of coordinated events such as the After Hours reception in August, an Artsfest weekend in September, and more as fall progresses into winter.  Six Camouflage Fish paintings are included in the exhibit and sale:

Stone Fish        Mandarin Fish

Stone Fish                                             Mandarin Fish  

Ghost Pipefish                                      Sea Dragon



Clown Frogfish                                      Pink Fish


PRESS RELEASE: 24th Annual International Juried Exhibition

PRESS RELEASE: 24th Annual International Juried Exhibition
Viridian Artists, a gallery in the Chelsea district of Manhattan has opened a a show which includes my painting, Fish Larvae.  Following is the gallery's statement:
24th Annual International Juried Exhibition
Viridian Artists’ 24th International Juried Exhibition Juried by Elisabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum, New York 
July 2 – July 20, 2013
Opening reception Thursday, July 18th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm.            
Chelsea: Viridian Artists Inc. is pleased to present their 24th International Juried Exhibition. Curated by Elisabeth Sussman, Curator, Whitney Museum, New York,the exhibition opens  July 2nd and continues through July 20th, 2013. In celebration, a special reception will be held on Thursday, July 18th 6:00 – 8:00 pm. At that time, meet the curator and many of the artists.
Viridian’s International Juried Exhibitions are a series of exhibitions that serve to encompass a diverse selection of outstanding art from around the world that might not otherwise be seen in New York City. This marks the 24th year that the gallery has offered artists the opportunity to have a major museum curator see a selection of their work.
As the recipient of the sixteenth CCS Bard Award for Curatorial Excellence, Elisabeth Sussman was recently recognized for her dynamic curatorial vision and her dedication to the field. She is Curator and Sondra Gilman Curator of Photography at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Most recently, along with co-curator Jay Sanders, she curated the 2012 Whitney Biennial.
During her time curating this exhibition at Viridian, she spent many long hours viewing over 1000 images sent from around the world.  In her curatorial statement, Sussman states: 
 “New York City, considers itself, rightly or wrongly, the center of the art world. In the week when the jurying of this exhibition took place, another art fair, Frieze, was in town, the contemporary auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s were bringing in tons of money and mega galleries in Chelsea were featuring gigantic shows of globally branded artists. Jurying an exhibition like Viridian’s at that time was an essential activity, a relief from the horrifying realization that, at least in New York, little separates the art world from global financial markets and the entertainment industry.”
In addition to the exhibition juried by Sussman, Viridian’s director, Vernita Nemec, also views the hundreds of images submitted and curates a selection that she feels have merit for a power point presentation viewable for the duration of the exhibition. This “Director’s Choice” selection is another opportunity that Viridian presents as part of its mission is to give exposure to outstanding under-known artists. 
Group Exhibition: Juried by Elisabeth Sussman 
First Prize: Elizabeth Castonguay  Second Prize:   John Hansen   Third Prize:  Malika Cosme
Honorable Mentions: Alexander Churchill, Henry Coupe, Barry Goldberg* 
Lizz Aston * Ed Herman * Samaray Akarvardar * Jane Alexander-Perry * Ransom Ashley * Bob Augstell * Kathleen Benton * S Brian Berkun * Elizabeth Castonguay * Alexander Churchill,* Malika Cosme * Henry Coupe* Barry Goldberg * John Hansen * Edith Hillinger * Aram Han * Timothy Macy * Dana McElroy * Pilar Olaverri *Zoran Poposki * Leonard Rosenfeld * Kimberly Rowe * Seena Sussman * Tore Terrasi * Rebecca Treadwell *Susan  Evans Trees * Catherine Vanaria * Andrew Williams *
Director’s Choice curated by Vernita Nemec
Emma Buck * Matty Davis * Lauren Dishinger * Nancy Robb Dunst * Rachel Edwards * Kristin Enck ** Jim Granito * Joshua Greenberg * Aimee Hertog * Marla Hoffman * Daniela Izaguirre * Jerry Johnson * Lynne Johnson * Srividya Kannan Ramachandran * Joanna Kidd * Mark Kolessar * Neil Sedwin * Marcia Lloyd ** Maxine Loustalot * DeeDee Maguire * Nicole Pietranton * Robin Becker * Christopher Ruane * Rachel Sard ** Leslie Sheryll * Suprina.*

Hudson Valley Art Association's 81st Annual Juried Exhibtion

Hudson Valley Art Association's 81st Annual Juried Exhibtion
Amiens Nave was selected for inclusion in the HVAA 81st Annual Juried Exhibition.
From the HVAA Website page:
81st Annual Juried Exhibition 
June 14th through July 28, 2013 
$14,000 in merit awards​ ​
this year the show will be held at the 
Lyme Art Association Gallery, 90 Lyme Street, Old Lyme CT, 06371 
Opening reception and Awards Presentation June 21st 6-8 pm 
HVAA holds an annual exhibition of oils, aqua media, pastels, graphics and sculpture in the Exhibition Galleries of invitational associations. The show is open to non-members as well as members. Awards totaling approximately $10,000 are given for meritorious works. Artist members of the Board of Directors select from non-member exhibitors whose work is outstanding and an invitation is extended to them for membership. ​
No forms of distorted paintings are accepted by the Hudson Valley Art Association at their exhibitions as it is the aim of the Association to preserve and encourage the character, knowledge, craftsmanship and respect for natural form, color and design which distinguish fine painting and sculpture... ​​
Jury Statement: The artwork should reflect a strong technical skill within the accepted practices of the medium as well as a use of material that is respectful of the subject matter. The work should be an original representational depiction of the subject matter, that is to say, of a real and recognizable subject. The subject should be depicted in an accurate manner.

Small Works at Mamaroneck Artists Guild

Small Works at Mamaroneck Artists Guild
The "Ninth Open Juried Small Works Exhibition" opened on Wednesday, May 22 and will be on display at the Mamaroneck Artists Guild Gallery in Larchmont, NY until Saturday, June 15, 2013.  There will be a reception on Saturday, June 1 from 5 - 7pm.  Juror Anne von Stuelpnagel, Director of Exhibitions, Bruce Museum of Arts and Science, has included my Camouflage Fish painting, "Mandarin Fish".