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Purdue University Galleries Permanent Collection Purchase

I was thrilled to receive the following letter from Purdue University Galleries' Director, Craig Martin, informing me of the purchase of Fish Larvae 3 for their Permanent Collection:
"During the recent Lilliputians March exhibit here at Purdue Galleries, we gave visitors the opportunity to vote for works in the show that they would like to see purchased for the Galleries permanent collection.  I’m happy to say that your painting “Fish Larvae” was selected by a large number of our visitors, and we would very much like to purchase the work from the exhibit...

I'm very much looking forward to adding your piece to the Purdue Galleries collection!...
Craig Martin, Director
Purdue University Galleries
Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts"

Thank you so much to all the gallery visitors who voted for my work!
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